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Spotlight Services: Applied Digital Solutions
Learn how Applied Experience is supporting the next generation of digital creators with Easy Print

Easy Print

Prime Print


Our Digital Creators are ready to help you bring the next gift, hobby, DIY project, party favor, or novelty to life.

Proceeds from Easy Print projects are used in supporting the next generation of Applied Digital Creators. Applied Experience, in partnership with The PAST Foundation, is working to transform education for the next generation of Digital Creators.


Our Digital Creators have the applied experience to produce high quality prints for medical products, custom consumer products, tooling, architecture models, and design-to-print solutions.

Join the movement in rethinking your next design for 3D printing or additive manufacturing. Produce designs never before possible with traditional subtractive or molding processes.

Request a consult with an Applied Experience Digital Creator. Easy or Prime, we're committed to help make your next print project a success. A Digital Creator will contact you within twenty-four hours.

Success! A Digital Creator will contact you shortly.

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