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Introducing the DT Caddie System

The DT Caddie protects the health of employees and confidence of customers by reducing employee-customer contact.


Improve drive-thru service time by reducing the number of employee-customer interactions. A versatile tray design holds multiple drinks and food items prepped for safe delivery to the customer with a rapid deployment rail system.

Installation takes less than 15 minutes and requires no modifications or changes to the facility or existing drive thru window. For unique drive-thru window configurations, our team is ready to find a fit for you.

Email the team at or give us a call (614) 943-2970.


Join the Caddie wagon.

Let's talk. Give us a call, email, DM, or shout out and join a growing list of franchise owner/operators becoming Product Partners. Partners deploy the DT Caddie system at a reduced price in exchange for our team receiving feedback from your team on how the system works for them. Information provided by your team is incorporated into future products. Contact us to schedule a time to discuss deploying the DT Caddie at all your locations.

Check out the Caddie in action.

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