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Spotlight Services: Applied Digital Solutions
Learn how Applied Experience is supporting the next generation of digital creators with Easy Print

Easy Print

Low-cost, on-demand 3D Print Services for gift ideas, hobbyist, DIY, party favors, and novelties.

Prime Print

Specialized Print Services for short-run additive manufacturing, medical products, architecture, custom consumer products, tooling, and design-to-print solutions. 

OUR team is YOUR team

Mike, Mechanical

Who would have guessed a mouse, two screens, and a few map keys would be the tools of choice over 30 years of mechanical mastery.

Brad, Fab

Take pride while doing it with skill and passion. Over 40 years of experience building and fabricating, that's always the best place to start. 

Matt, Electrical

Applied knowledge of embedded systems, electronics, and systems integration over 13 years plus a lot of stubborn equals solutions.

Radar, Software

In the past 30 years software and technology have changed dramatically but insight to solve the problem remains constant.

Chris, Systems

In 20 years leading the design of complex systems, the whole is often greater than the sum of the parts but don't forget the parts.

George, Electrical

Building on 40 years of knowledge in design and analysis of circuits, sometimes nothing replaces the will to simply make it work.

Product ENGINEERS are standing by

Let's talk when you need extra experience and expertise for your next project, design review, test plan, prototype build, or just to bounce an idea around.



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