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Engineering Consulting, Product Development

impacting the product lifecycle everywhere 

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Core: Research. Engineer. Develop. 

At the CORE is our ability to help solve engineering & design challenges through our combined applied experience in the field. From embedded electronics and software, mechanical design, systems integration and valued-added services we help find solutions impacting the product cycle everywhere. We can accommodate your project needs with direct, internal contract support or external scope of work definition.

Community Impact​

As a social enterprise we embrace COMMUNITY impact as a leading measure of success. Through partnership every project is an example to those that follow. We engage students in high school and college as equal partners in our work.

Network Collaboration

Across partners we leverage network COLLABORATION to expand capabilities and increase value to the project. It's about being a connector with the goal of exceeding expectations everywhere all of the time. From offshore manufacturing to industrial design and product-market research we know how and who to connect.

Soldering circuit board
Cogs in the Machine
Clear Circular Lamps

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